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The first step to getting your business online is registering your domain name. Your domain is your own address on the internet – your unique identifier by which people will remember and find your website on the world wide web. Your domain is also used within your professional email addresses (, promoting your own brand and online identity with every email message.

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Domain selection tips:

  1. Choose a domain name that represents your business, products and services.
  2. Domain names can be up to 63 characters, but try to keep your domain name short
    and simple. A good domain name will be easily memorable and effortless for
    consumers to remember.
  3. Use a popular keyword in your domain name.
  4. The easier the domain name is to pronounce, the easier it will be to remember.
  5. Dashes work well if you want to create a domain name that is unavailable, i.e. (they also show up higher in search engines).
  6. Purchase domains that are spelled similar to yours and redirect them to your
    main domain.
  7. Get the whole package for you domain extension: .com, .net, .info, .biz, .org, .ca, .to, .co and many more…

A Domain Name


A Domain Name


A Domain Name